Boxing keeps body and mind in shape, for self-defense, as fitness training or to reduce aggression.The awareness of being able to resist and defend oneself is especially important in self-defense classes.In our Boxer Shop you get everything you need for boxing, from boxing gloves to punch pads.

The Bandito boxing trainings punchbag weighing approx. 16 kg (80x30 cm) comes with a chain swivel included.

79,50 EUR
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Freestanding Puch Speedball Bandito

Boxen fördert Konzentration, Koordination sowie Leistungsfähigkeit und ist ideal zum Stressabbau. Original BANDITO - STANDBOXBALL, aus bestem Kunstleder. Ideales Sportgerät für Kinder und Jugebdliche zwischen 6 und 12 Jahren

59,95 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
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